Price Guideline

The following guideline is provided to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for garments.

Each price includes drafting the pattern, toile make up (regardless of how many toiles are required) and making the actual garment.

Prices do not include cost of fabric or VAT.

Jackets from 250
Dresses from 200*
Shirts from 150
Tops from 50**
Trousers from 150
Skirts from 100

I do offer a descending price on multiple garments, i.e. if you order more than one garment of the same style you save 30% on the repeat garment. For example if you order 2 pairs of trousers (the same style in different fabric), the first pair would cost you 150 + fabric + VAT and the second pair would only cost you 100 + fabric + VAT.

I leave the cost of fabric out because the price of cloth can vary greatly and it gives you the option of providing your own cloth. * price based on a knee length shift dress. **price based on a simple camisole type of top