Red Silk Dupion Gown

Formal/Party Dresses

Fabulous floor length gown in red silk dupion. Dress is sleeveless with cutaway armholes to show off the shoulders. Neckline is styled like a shirt with high rolled collar which sits closely around neck and plunges into a V at the front where the collar sits open. Covered buttons complete the mock button front detail. Skirt is A line and opens just below the knee and falls into a train at the back, lead weight tape has been sewn into the hem to give the dress weight, presence and to hold the shape of the hem. Dress has side zip fastening and is fully lined.
Ideas: This dress was commissioned by a concert pianist and the skirt opens below the knee so the bottom of the skirt will fall away from the legs when sitting so it won't interfere when using the pedals of a piano.
 Red silk dupion gown front  Red silk dupion gown back  Red silk dupion gown front close  Red silk dupion gown back neck  Red Silk dupion gown front button detail