Paul Hawley

Ready to Wear

The following pages contain Paul Hawley London ready to wear garments.

These are a collection of styles I like because they are wonderfully classic so you can enjoy them time and time again.

The selection of styles and sizes is limited at present, but I don't want you to feel restricted by this so if there is a garment you like but it isn't available in the size, colour or fabric you want; or if you like the look of a particular dress but would prefer it with the neckline, hemline, sleeve style, etc... of another dress, please let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate your request.

Ive listed my Paul Hawley London ready to wear pieces with sizes similar to many retailers, however, because sizes vary greatly from retailer to retailer, I would suggest checking the sizes against their corresponding measurements listed in the table below. After all, what I consider to be a size 16, for example, may not be what another designer considers to be a size 16, but, when I say a size 16 corresponds with a 40/102cm bust (B), 32/ 82cm waist (W) and 42/107cm hips (H), it will.

Ive chosen to focus my ready to wear on sizes 12 through 22 as I think this is an under served market.

Table of sizes and corresponding measurements:

Size 12: 36"/92cm (B) 28"/72cm (W) 38"/97cm (H)

Size 14: 38"/97cm (B) 30"/77cm (W) 40"/102cm (H)

Size 16: 40"/102cm (B) 32"/82cm (W) 42"/107cm (H)

Size 18: 42"/107cm (B) 34"/87cm (W) 44"/112cm (H)

Size 20: 44"/112cm (B) 36"92cm (W) 46"/117cm (H)

Size 22: 46"/117cm (B) 38"/97cm (W) 48"/122cm (H)

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